Ley'd to Wastes

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Entered Blood Barrier

Met the Gate Guardian with a ghoul under frighten.

Snork spoke primordial to it and showed it his blood to be allowed in to the city, but stopped before crossing the threshold.

Heroes did battle with the prism. Captive ghoul was a fatality. Jackson had a lot of insight as to its lawful nature and why it was attacking.

Snork ran back in to the city and passed a persuasion to sign his friends Clara, Jackson and Silverhoof in.

The prism thought Silverhoof was the ghoul, and so kicked him forward while Jackson carried the golem.

Heroes did battle against a city patrol of a mounted skeleton and two zombies. Clara turned the Zombies away from battle, then summoned her sacred weapon. Snork tried twice to mount the skeletal horse, but was noped heartily, nearly losing his whip. 

Using the dead horse as cover, the heroes confronted the returning zombies. Jackson drew the attention of one by calling it a poopoohead, enraging it. But the very next turn he burst out of an accidental whip grapple in a way that impressed the zombie romantically. It defended him the rest of the battle, and then was betrayed when a friendly hug turned deadly.

They've learned the power of emotional shifting magics, and vowed to return the emotional geode they found in the charmed zombie's pocket to the alchemists for study, as well as knowing the seals of the guard cloaks are spirit traps and tearing them away could free the trapped souls of the atlanteans.


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